the how

multiple levels of 'how'

Multi-channel actions are being set up to spread our concept:

  • Endorsing #TreeToo' testimonials from leading curators, artists
  • Underwriting the #TreeToo manifesto'
  • Creating #TreeToo' initiative in the Art-Haiku competition
  • Participating in Conferences
  • Setting up exhibitions (curated artist via
  • Participating with the concept at awards ex BOLD Crowdsouring Week
  • Sponsoring #TreeToo'
  • #TreeToo conference'
  • Organizing a specific #TreeToo exhibition / retrospective
  • Promotion of artist (curated and non curated)
  • Creation of Social Media Groups
    • Instagram
    • Youtube TreeToo Art Channel
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • TikTok