#treetoo mission

You will never be able to look at a tree as you did before

Because not only can ART show the beauty and the importance of our life with trees through artists ́ works through time, borders, medias, generations and perceptions, it will also remind you how much we all stand to loose if trees, our strongest, quiet allies in this world through all times were to be destroyed.

There is no other choice than to get involved.

Art must help saving the world. Art must create awareness, open your eyes, ears , heart through works as different as the people populating this earth. Because taste and dispositions are different, people will understand through different channels.

We created a platform, where artists and art works of all times relating to trees , in all the different mediums of expression can be exhibited to achieve our common goal.

We believe it is our duty , as artists, art afficionados, nutcases and treelovers, to visualize what the world need for the survival of all: the air we breathe, the love and care we feel, the mindfulness we need.

We must inspire and motivate all those who have set out to conserve and restore forests and therefore life on earth. This is our contribution.

We will empower the reforestation community. We will help unlock the conditions needed to re-green our planet. We break down the barriers preventing conservation and restoration at scale. We connect the art community that want to help with the people that can help them. To understand that time is not on our side and if we want to heal the planet, we must make every day count.