#TreeToo manifesto

art saves the world

Our manifesto aims at raising awareness, motivating and animating the global Art Community , thus encouraging them to become active in the protection of our trees / nature & preservation of our planet.

Act I. Art related to trees, yesterday and today

Trees have inspired artists, writers, and activists around the globe and through time. Since ancient times until today trees inspired artists, either for spiritual or religious reasons, or to manifest a new style or -isme.

  • New ideas and visions for the future, formulated by artists around the globe, have the potential to visualize and bring about necessary changes and therefore uplift society.

  • Art was and always will be a powerful tool to change the political culture.

  • Whereas globalization has reduced global inequality (between nations), it has increased inequality within nations.

ACT II. activists, foundations & trees indifference >< involvement

The art community can play an active committed role through 'trees'

The Art community needs to become active in the protection of trees and therefore nature as well as the preservation of our planet

The activist artist will influence public opinion by creating momentum at the social level

  • Are you waiting for the future or are you shaping the future?

  • Globalisation is over, we need to deal with consequences

  • Nationalistic decision making by politicians never solves global issues

  • Yes, we can

  • Wir schaffen das

ACT III.Y chromosomes and twigs

You will never be able to look at a tree again as you did before

  • Trees are living things, they communicate, they help each other, they have sex

  • The Y chromosome carries genes that are not only crucial for sex determination but for individual survival

  • The twig , the Y chromosome and the tree will be the symbol of our rescue mission