Wout Wilgenburg ~

the netherlands

why I endorsed?

Light has always been, we are one with nature, the trees are our lungs

my favorite work

the cosmopolitan tree

  • Hanging Twig
  • Joined effort by Etienne & Wout
  • bio: Wout Wilgenburg was born in Hoevelaken in the Netherlands on January 3, 1944. Debuted as a painter in 1960 but soon began sculpting. Wilgenburg's future looks bright. From the 1960s he regularly exhibited at home and abroad. Even the Guggenheim Museum in New York recognizes his genius and decides to devote an exhibition to him in 1970. For a decade, between the 70s and 80s, he is the best paid sculptor in Amsterdam. The famous poet and writer Simon Vinkenoog opens various exhibitions. But then fate strikes. Wilgenburg is involved in an accident with a grinding wheel. His right arm is injured, so that he can no longer sculpt. Despite the fact that Wilgenburg had never heard of the style and, according to him, had not been influenced by it, the resemblance between Cobra and Wilgenburg's works is great. He rejects the academic and opts for the spontaneous. His sculptures are mostly organic in nature and often refer to Atlantis. Today Wilgenburg lives and works in Schaerbeek. Forgotten by the masses. However, Wilgenburg deserves to be recognized again as what he is: a successful sculptor and painter who can still surprise the world.