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  • bio: transdisciplinary video-artist and explorer, initiator of LAND of GOOD project. Born in Vladivostok, 1970, Russia. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 1996. Striving for harmony and balance in connection with the primeval female powers is the impetus behind Kova’s state of the artistic mind, her works and projects. Born in Vladivostok (USSR), Viktoria spent her early childhood in Germany. Back in Russia, after graduating from the Russian State Institute of Culture, she moved to Amsterdam to become a successful singer, DJ, performer and later, a transdisciplinary video artist. Kova’s background, extensive traveling, and encounter many cultures triggered her interest in social issues, directly connected to the environment. Pushing the boundaries between assumption, reality, and technology, Kova emerged, in 2015, with her project LAND of GOOD, where she investigates the “better world” phenomena. LAND of GOOD is ongoing transdisciplinary research on the possibility of creating the right circumstances for a prosperous, harmonious and sustainable society for everybody beyond our reality - in a virtual world. Harnessing the power of art to serve as a conceptual tool, Kova's videos, installations, talks, and soon-to-be virtual reality employ visual and audial simulations to bring the awareness of the importance of the feminine - the true female powers, which seem to play an important role in the pre-historic times. Research on possible technologies based on female powers is one of the most important for the LAND of GOOD construction. LAND of GOOD is presented to the viewers around the world through Kova’s multimedia works, installations and talks, formed around her video art. Her works are in private and corporate art collections in The Netherlands, Russia, USA, Lebanon, China, the United Arab Emirates and in ALBA Museum in Beirut, Lebanon.
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