Sandro Debono ~ Malta

why I endorsed?

Our ambition to protect the environment should be focused on reaching a symbiosis with nature, to live in harmony with trees akin to a society where humans and trees share equal rights to life, health and wellbeing.

fav tree artwork

Piet Mondrian ~ Farm Near Duivendrecht

Malta Y twig

bio: Sandro Debono PhD Museology, Art History and Curatorial Practice

  • Consultant, Culture, Office of the President of the Republic (Malta)
  • Visiting lecturer at Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education, University of Malta
  • Consultant, Culture Diplomacy and the Arts, Heritage Malta
  • Visiting lecturer at Department of Digital Arts, University of Malta
  • Advisory Board Member at We Are Museums
  • National Representative at European Museum Academy

Latest publications

'L' Immenso Seicento' - The 1922 Florence Exhibition of Seicento Art and the Politics of Caravaggio Studies.' Revista de História da Arte (Special Edition) N.º 14: The Exhibition: Histories, Practices, Policies.