rudy provoost ~ belgium

why I endorsed?

"Art turns nature into culture. Trees turn light into life,while capturing carbon and offering oxygen. Roots turn past into future and turn old into new. Leaves turn sun into shade and shiver into shelter. "

fav tree artwork

Wassily Kandinsky ~ Autumn Landscape With Tree ~ 1910

my own favorite tree related work of art

Rudy Provoost - Haiku

"Wanderers wonder / Why trees don't catch a cold when / Winter takes their leaves"

Belgian Y twig

  • bio: Rudy Provoost is a Belgian entrepreneur who has been active on the international corporate scene for more than three decades. After more than ten years in the role of CEO with three different companies, he recently established his own management practice (YquitY) with the aim to provide advisory and consultancy services to leaders, teams and organizations in the private and public sector to help them increasing their ability to enhance stakeholder value. Currently, he is not only focusing on counseling and consulting, but also involved in the world of private equity and venture capital and part of multiple boards as a non-executive director or chairman. Rudy Provoost holds a Master degree in Psychology, and in Management (Vlerick Business School), and is obtaining an Executive Master in Change (Insead). He is passionate about cycling and hiking, exploration and travel, as well as culture, art, history and poetry, with a particular interest for Haiku and Ukiyo-e. Furthermore, he contributed to the publication of 'The balancing act of innovation' featuring disruptive change and radical innovation, and is also the author of 'Energy 3.0 : transforming the world of energy for growth', which discusses the digital transformation and green revolution in the energy world and its implications for business and society.
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