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Along city streets trees provide shade from the summer sun, shelter from the rain, and their branches and foliage break up the hard outlines of buildings. In autumn children crunch the dry fallen leaves beneath their feet on the way to and from school. In the countryside, tree roots bind soil, reducing erosion and landslides, their foliage intercepts falling rain, reducing its impact on the ground and protecting the soil, they provide shelter, accommodation, nesting sites, and food for countless animals and many smaller plants such as mosses, lichens, and ferns. Trees enrich the world and enrich our lives.

my book on trees & sex


Who knew that bee orchids trick insects into having sex with them, avocado flowers are female one day and male the next, and some flowers are the insect equivalent of nightclubs where males and females meet and mate? Author Mike Allaby reveals more than 200 of nature's most unseemly creations in this sensational exposé. The sexual antics of plants are far more varied than those of people, and plants have preferences and techniques for which we have no equivalent. Being rooted to the spot, many rely on pollinators for assistance—and forget birds and bees, we're talking kangaroos, giraffes, and vampire bats. Botanical illustrations throw light on the gallery of pimps, hookers, and gigolos who may be lurking in your back garden and spice up this compendium of scurrilous botany which—be warned—may shock the worldliest of gardeners.

Scotland Y twig

Scotland Y twig

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