Marie-Isabelle Callier ~ belgium

why I endorsed?

Trees are majestic, beautiful, peaceful or even scary. Always unique though interacting with the others as a forest. I’m fascinated by them. Sometimes they seem to breathe or speak, when the wind blows into they leaves. Painting them gives me serenity.

my favorite tree work of art

The Park

Gustav Klimt


Luxembourg Y twig

  • bio: Born June 18, 1970 in Belgium. After a Degree in Illustration at St-Luc in Brussels in 1991, Marie-Isabelle Callier worked for 12 years as graphic designer and advertising illustrator. Then she dedicated herself to children's books and painting. Her paintings have been exhibited in Brussels, Luxembourg, Washington, Shanghai, Singapore and France. She lives and works now in Luxembourg. In addition to her artist pursuits, she has likewise written and illustrated several children’s books. Most recently, she started to paint on larger scale creating room dividers: on paper or on wood panels.
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