Lina Sinisterra ~ Colombia

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Columbia Y twig

  • bio: Lina Sinisterra is a Colombian visual artist. She graduated in Psychology with a postgraduate in Psychodrama and a master’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of Chile. She workes as a professor, practice that she includes in her artistic career. Sinisterra is director of visual arts of Velatropa, an art collective that brings together arts and theater. Sinisterra participated in numerous group and solo shows in Latin America, Europe and Asia, including Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Madrid and Korea. She has won several awards: a public sculpture commission for the International Airport in Santiago, Chile, 2015; Santa Fe Gallery in Bogotá, Colombia, 2010; The Fondart, in Chile, 2006; The Gunther Biennial Prize on Painting in Chile, 1997. During her years as director of Velatropa, the project received various awards and fellowships. Lina Sinisterra is represented by Galería El Museo, in Bogotá.