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The environment, nature and our planet should be a top priority. Engagement should also be natural from artistic sectors. Art for art is important, but it is equally important to discuss and practically plan how the artworld can engage in the movement. We have to be critical about how the discourse on environment is approached, it has to be pragmatic and the discourse has to be inclusive.

fav tree artwork

  • "The Sin", print on copperplate
  • Zane Mellupe

Sweden Y twig

  • bio: Johanna Suo is a cultural entrepreneur, researcher and cultural strategist currently directing the innovation firm ifa laboratory in Brussels. With twenty years of experience from Culture and Creative Industries she has managed different types of legal entities. In 2015 she was selected, after a substantial selection process, to the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, German Marshall Fund of the United States. It is a fully funded 6-month fellowship and equally a life-long learning programme for facilitating knowledge and network development for effective transatlantic engagement. Her individual topics were: Art as crime prevention, Youth and culture as economic drivers, Cultural diplomacy, art and culture in international relations. She has been a speaker at various conferences in the US, in Japan, all around Europe. In 2017 and 2018 she presented sessions at the European Business Summit about culture as strategy and also about “Creativity at the heart of businesses, a key to success?” From autumn 2019 she contributes as expert for the European Commission, DG Grow, on the topic on how creative industries can help industry and other sectors innovate. Johanna is a member of the think-tank European Cultural Parliament and has coordinated European Cultural Parliament Youth Network, having had 17 parallel country member clusters. Previous posts include development director for the Culture and Media agency Cumediae. 2019/ 2020 she is writing a thesis on the challenges for cultural diplomacy to be aligned with social innovation and development. Johanna has a yellow Herrman Wholebrain Thinking profile (creative, imaginative, intuitive, holistic); thus an excellent profile to work with innovation processes. Currently Johanna also works on a pilot project for SME’s in Belgium where creative professionals are strategically placed in companies in order to help with diversified views and human driven innovation. She is doing this together with two other experts specialising in competitive economy and in corporate process innovation
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