Alex Kindt ~ belgium

why I endorsed?

  • my heart is bleeding when I hear a tree fall. We need to stop society stealing space from nature. In Flanders, nature is vanishing rappidly.

my own tree work of art

90° inkeep

Belgium Y twig

  • bio: At the age of 14, Alex started his career at the Kortrijk Academy under the tutorship of Filip Boutens and Rik Vermeersch. As Alex’ artistic skills developed, he decided not to specialize in drawing as sculpture became the appealing discipline. Hendrik Decuypere was his first professor to take him on a 6 year education in the arts and finesses of sculpture as an artistic form. During this period Kobbe (Jacques Saelens) immersed Alex into the techniques of bronze casting as one of many others. Alex completed his education first under Sebastien Frère Molid’en Cassanyes in Soredé (Pyrénées Orientales, France), to follow ceramics in the ateliers of Joris Vandermijnsbrugge again at the Kortrijk Academy. Following this academic period, from 1991 on Alex spent many years abroad absorbing the exotics of mainly Brazil, where he started to paint. As a discipline, painting enabled Alex to grasp all the impressions of natural beauty with its colours and structures and transpose them into a series of highly intriguing paintings. Alex Kindt started creating sculptures again. His three-dimensional creations counterbalance painted works, that often appear to give a reflection of lines and imperfections which he discovered in the wood. Currently he works with crosscut wood.
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